Annual General Meeting 2019

We recently held our AGM on 14 May.  The meeting was well attended with over 100 people who enjoyed some interesting presentations.

During the formal AGM proceedings, we elected a new enlarged committee with the following members:

John Beckett
Ian Benet
Robert Benton
Cherie Cook
Kathy Davies
Wanda Mountfort
Robert Murray
Richard Oddy
Mike Padfield
Howard Small
Lorna Stansfield
Don Stock
It was great to see this level of interest in actively supporting our community.

Following the formal AGM, we had a talk from Desley Simpson, our Orakei Ward Councillor.  She outlined a range of things happening in Council that affects our area.  Desley, as always, gave a great insight to what is going on.

Then we had Paul Klinac talking about the flooding that periodically occurs on Tamaki Drive at the western end of Kohimarama and in Mission Bay.  Auckland Council is trying to find practical solutions to this problem, and has a team team looking into this.  Paul discussed the issue and potential solutions, and was looking for feedback from local residents.  We are trying to get a copy of the presentation to put on this website, but the essence of the presentation was that:

  • They are very aware of the problem
  • They will be increasing monitoring to better understand exactly what happens and under what circumstances
  • They will be changing some of the stormwater drains to prevent flow from the sea onto the road
  • They are looking at a wide range of potential fixes or mitigations that might be able to improve the siutation in the longer term

This has been a long term problem and can be expected to get worse in the future, so it is great to see that some progress is being made on determining the way forward.  It was a bit disappointing that there were no recommendations for actual fixes as yet, but at least these are under investigation.

We then provided an update on the recent AT proposals for safety changes in Mission Bay, and our plans for achieving a more sensible solution.  The good news is that AT has recognised that they did not present their proposals at all well, and as a result have completely changed their approach.  This involves the following:

  • Withdrawing the proposal entirely for now
  • Convening a Working Group with representatives from our Residents Association, the Mission Bay Business Association, Orakei Ward Concillor, Orakei Local Board as well as AT technical staff, with the intent to develop a sensible plan to address any improvements that might be required in Mission Bay
  • Providing a senior executive point of contact for escalation of any issues where we feel things have started to go off the rails again
  • Engaging an independent traffic engineer to review the accident and usage data and determine whether there are any points of elevated risk that need engineering solutions.

Overall, this is a good response from AT after a rather dismal first attempt at consultation.  It should be recognised that AT staff remain convinced that there are problems that must be addressed, and they stand by their proposed solutions, so the proposals have not entirely gone away, but at least now they will will be assessed on the basis of objective assessment of risk, and will be debated by the working group to ensure that common sense prevails.

Finally, there was considerable interest in an update on the proposed 8 storey development in MIssion Bay.  The long and short of it was that the resource consent application has been submitted, the Council is reviewing this, after which there will be hearings by independent commissioners to determine whether to approve or decline the application.  No date for the hearings has been set, but we have been led to beleive that they could be held in August.  Once we have a date, we will have to quickly review any new information and prepare for the hearings.  As much will depend on the evidence presented by expert witnesses such as planners and urban designers, and local residents' views are not considered admissable on technical matters, we will have to ensure we build a strong case based on our own technical experts.  These, of course, cost money and so we will; be looking to the community once again for financial support to provgide the best possible case at the hearings.

AGM documents

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Public Meeting

Proposed Mission Bay Development

We will be holding a public meeting to present information on the proposed Mission Bay development.

Wednesday 3 October 2018 at 7 pm

Selwyn College Theatre





Election candidates meeting

We have invited the election candidates for the Tamaki Electorate to share their policies and views with you at a public meeting this Friday, 15 September 2017.  Candidates from National, Labour, NZ First, Greens, ACT and TOP will be attending.  The Maori Party have declined.  Each candidate will have an opportunity to make their pitch, then they will answer pre-prepared questions, and finish by taking questions from the floor.

7:00 pm Friday 15 September

Selwyn College Theatre

Kohimarama Road


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Meeting with the Mayor

Mayor Phil Goff will be addressing a public meeting to update us on progress since he was elected.  We would love to see you there on Monday night.

7:30 pm Monday 4 Sept

St Heliers Community Centre

(Presbyterian Church)

100 St Heliers Bay Road

The meeting is being hosted by the St Heliers/Glendowie Residents Association, Orakei Community Association and ourselves.



Current and future Tamaki Drive Projects – a discussion with Auckland Transport

7:00 pm Thursday 8 June

Outboard Boating Club

Tamaki Drive

Auckland Transport are currently investigating, consulting on or implementing several projects with direct implications for Tamaki Drive users.  These include a new intersection at Ngapipi Rd with traffic lights, a new cycleway between Ngapipi Rd and Quay St, and another cycleway from Orakei Basin to Quay St.

We are concerned that these projects appear to be proceeding with little or no coordination between them.  For example, one of the cycleway options would require the Ngapipi Rd intersection to be changed again shortly after they complete the current project.

In addition, we see no evidence that other projects on Tamaki Drive are even being considered, despite some of these potentially being more urgent.  For example, Tamaki Drive regularly floods near the Outboard Boating Club whenever we have a king tide, even with no wind or waves, but there seem to be no plans to address this.

We have therefore requested Auckland Transport to attend a meeting to outline their overall plans for Tamaki Drive. We hope to also get them to address how the Tamaki Drive Master Plan produced by the Orakei Local Board could be implemented over the coming years.

 We hope you are able to come and enjoy this.






Mission Bay Stonehouse update 

We are holding a public meeting to provide an update on progress on the Mission Bay Stonehouse at 7:00 pm on 31 May at the Selwyn College Theatre.

The stonehouse is one of New Zealand's oldest remaining buildings, dating back to 1859, and is a national heritage site.  It is currently undergoing earthquakes strengtrhening and restoration.  At the same time, the old restaurant pavillion has been demolished, and a new restaurant pavillion is under construction.

At the meeting, we will show you progress on the rather technically challenging earthquake strengthening, and will have a presentation on the results of an archaeology survey of the site, relating it to the very varied history of this site.  We also will have a sneak preview of the new restaurant to give you an idea of what will be available later in the year.

Click here to open the invite for the event.

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Annual General Meeting – advance notice

We are planning to hold our AGM on 11 April 2017 at the Kohimarama Presbyterian Church, Kohimarama Road.

Further details, including the time, agenda and the guest speakers will be announced closer to the time.  All members will receive a personal invitation by email.

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Auckland Council budget consultation meetings 

Auckland Council is preparing their annual budget, which defines how much money they will spend, where it will be spent and what rates increases will be required.

The Orakei Local Board is hosting a Public Meeting on Thursday 23 March from 6pm at St Chad's Community Centre in Meadowbank.    Separately, St Heliers/Glendowie Residents Association is hosting a meeting on 21 March at the St Heliers Community Centre.  Further details will be advised later.

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Orakei Ward Candidates Evening

On 14 September, we combined with the Meadowbank St Johns Residents Association to hold a forum for candidates for Orakei Ward Councillor, and candidates for the Orakei Local Board.  This was a very successful evening, with around 100 people attending to listen to 4 Councillor candidates and 13 Local Board candidates.  Each candidate had an opportunity to present their ‘sales pitch’, and then had a chance to answer a number of pre-prepared questions and questions from the floor.  The format worked well, with both candidates and the audience saying they enjoyed the evening.

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Mayoral Candidates Meeting

We held a very successful Mayoral Candidates’ Meeting on Monday 8 August.  The hall was overflowing with around 240 people attending, and they received an excellent overview of the candidates and their positions on a range of issues.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening, saying that it was well-run, informative and fun.

Each candidate had 4 minutes to introduce themselves and make an opening statement.  They then answered a series of pre-prepared questions, and finally took questions from the floor.  The pre-prepared questions are shown below.

The candidates performed really well, with generally clear concise answers to the questions, and they kept to the allotted time.  The audience were appreciative and respectful, and asked a number of questions.  Perhaps the most common theme coming through was that all candidates agreed that there was too much waste and inefficiency inside Council, and they each committed to combat this if elected.  Most also committed to hold rates increases to 2.5% or less each year.

This was a great opportunity to meet the candidates and to understand their positions.  Personally, I feel that the evening allowed me to understand the candidates’ positions and help me decide who to vote for, which after all, was the purpose of the meeting.

We plan to hold a follow-up meeting in about a year’s time to allow the successful candidate, the Mayor, to explain their progress on the commitments they made at this meeting.

Pre-prepared questions asked:

  1. Tamaki Drive is a defining part of life in the Eastern Bays, providing not only an arterial route to the city, but also a recreational playground and a scenic drive.  It is already under pressure from competing uses by cars, cyclists, runners, walkers and special events.  It suffers from periodic flooding and a lack of maintenance of the seawall, and yet it must cope with a large increase in population over years to come and rising sea levels from climate change.   Do you commit to maintaining and developing Tamaki Drive to manage these major challenges?

  2. Rates have been rising rapidly over recent years.  The previous Mayor promised that rate increases would be limited to 2.5%, but then ignored this promise.  Will you support an initial zero percent rates rise next year with no reduction in services, as a way to drive efficiency and effectiveness?   If not, what commitments do you make to reining rates in?

  3. The creation of the Super City was supposed to bring greater efficiencies and lower costs to Auckland.  Instead, Council employee and consultant head count and costs are well above what it was before and rising, overheads are blowing out, and we see the Council getting involved in many areas that are inappropriate, such as event promotion.  If the Council were to focus on overhead reduction and operational efficiency, then there would be much less pressure on rates.  What do you intend to do to reduce Council overheads and improve efficiency?

  4. The current Council reduced the Uniform Annual General Charge, forcing rates in our area to rise substantially.  Will you support setting the UAGC to the maximum allowed in law (30%) in order to reduce the injustice in the current settings?

  5. If a private individual can’t afford to renovate their house, they either borrow more money, sell assets, reduce their living costs or defer the project.  The Council, by comparison has ruled out all of these options, instead opting simply to take advantage of their monopoly position to raise more money from rates and other levies.  What is your attitude towards funding long term intergenerational infrastructure development by raising debt, and/or by selling assets such as the port or airport?

  6. The recommended Unitary Plan has made massive changes to the zoning relative to the publicly consulted document.  This will impact our suburbs for many decades to come despite residents having had no input to the latest changes.  Would you support a Plan Change to allow for community input on those elements of the Unitary Plan which are adopted with no public consultation?

  7. Auckland’s vision has been is to become the world’s most liveable city.  Do you support this vision?  The Unitary Plan has no measures to guide future development in a positive direction, and instead leaves all aspects of design, quality and aesthetics to the developers.  We have seen how this can result in the loss of character buildings and the construction of ugly buildings unsympathetic to their environment.  What will you do to encourage attractive, high quality developments consistent with the goal of being the most liveable city?

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